Our curriculum is tailored to allow students to grasp the fundamentals of management studies.

The course content is designed to meet the requirements of the modern corporate world. The syllabus is regularly updated with the objective of giving our students the latest knowledge. The range of modules covers all the key areas in business including Accounts, Marketing, Strategic management, MIS etc.


Peradeniya MBA curriculum lays more stress on Strategic management and Entrepreneurship. This is due to the additional dynamism and the resulting uncertainty involved in today's business environment. In addition to the prescribed required modules, students get the freedom to choose a number of elective modules also.

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  • Required Modules

    A student is expected to complete 15 compulsory modules, two of which carrying 3 credits

  • Elective Modules

    Students can also choose 2 additional courses from 13 available modules.

MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya