Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

We have specified academic requirements which a candidate should fulfil before applying for the Peradeniya MBA. However, we do not rely totally on credentials. We instead take a more holistic approach to assessing a candidate's capabilities.

Applicants who fulfil the academic qualification requirement and prove their suitability along the lines of our admissions criteria are considered prospective candidates, and are eligible to apply for Peradeniya MBA.

Academic Qualifications

Academic qualification requirement is used to gauge a candidate's capacity to learn, to grasp new concepts, and to delve into subject matters.

Applicants must possess a degree from a recognised university or a professional qualification equivalent to a degree which is acceptable to the University of Peradeniya.

Given in alphabetical order, following are some of the professional qualifications accepted by the Board of study.

  • BCS-PGD with professional project
  • CIM
  • CIMA (all three levels completed)
  • SLIM

However, having the above mentioned qualifications does not automatically secure a place for an applicant in an MBA batch. All applicants should perform well at the interview process and display the necessary capabilities expected by the Board of Study.

Work Experience

There is no minimum work experience requirement for the Peradeniya MBA.

Those with work experience should prove that they have displayed at work a habit of leadership, responsible application of knowledge, and good management skills.

"Work" in this context denotes a wide range of activities. You may be an employee, self-employed and running your own business, a freelance practitioner, or perhaps even a fresh graduate with no employment record. Therefore, setting a minimum work experience requirement is superficial and will prevent us from properly evaluating candidates' suitability to the programme.

Therefore, by default, candidates who have less number of years of work experience will not be penalised in favour of those with more work experience.

A variety in students’ level of work experience means an inevitable clash of ideas and views in classes. A stimulating classroom of that nature is an integral part of the overall learning experience. This is why we welcome fresh graduates to pursue the Peradeniya MBA in addition to CEO’s and senior managers.

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