The Ideal Candidate...

What are we expecting from you?

We are expecting from prospective candidates compassion and concern towards the society. It is a deep-seated value at Peradeniya to produce socially responsible business leaders.

Additionally, the candidate should possess the intellectual capacity necessary to understand theoretical aspects, an ability to manage life, and good leadership skills.

Socially Responsible Individuals

Peradeniya MBA is not a mere paper-qualification. We want Peradeniya MBA graduates to be socially responsible and be entrepreneurial.

The Capacity to learn

The Peradeniya MBA is a rigorous programme that requires students' fullest capacity. The final year research is a compulsory component of the MBA which tests students' critical thinking and analytical skills.

We use a candidate's academic qualifications to gauge his/her capacity to understand theoretical aspects of the programme. For more information on our academic requirements, Click here.

Ability to Manage life

An MBA is a challenging project which you undertake in your professional life. In doing so, you may have to forego many things such as your leisure time and even your family time. Therefore, you will have to effectively allocate your resources during the 2 1/2-year period.

Even though classes fall only on week-ends, you will have to commit the entire week for those two days. You should be able to take on the pressure and still perform exceptionally in your studies. This means that you are hemmed in from three fronts; work, family and education. This it self is a formidable task which an MBA student needs to successfully accomplish.

Leadership and Social Intelligence

We also invite candidates who have displayed good leadership skills and have had experience in leading others at any point in their adult life. Also, if you have the capability to recognise and effectively negotiate complex social relationships and handle conflicts, you are a prospectrive candidate.

You don't necessarily have to have shown leadership qualities nor problem solving skills at your work place; it can be at university as a student, or even in normal life as an ordinary citizen.


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