Role of the MBAA

One of the key innovations in the Peradeniya MBA programme is the student-led MBA Association (MBAA), which significantly empowers students to have far-reaching impact and influence over the programme.


While initially conceived as a means for students to present a united front, the MBAA has evolved into an instrument that enables the Peradeniya MBA programme to be highly competitive and responsive to both market and student needs, without the need to get mired in the rigid bureaucracy and financial constraints faced by many other programmes in the University.

Actively improving the MBA

Through the revenue generated from membership fees, the MBAA is able to spearhead and actively improve the programme by promoting its image externally, upgrading IT infrastructure, managing the procurement and distribution of textbooks and teaching materials, organising various seminars and workshops for students, and looking into other operational considerations among others.

A valuable asset

This type of highly pro-active and empowered student organisation is rare in Sri Lanka (and in the world), and has been cited by many who have reviewed the programme as one of the programme’s key assets. In essence, the MBAA gives students the power and the real world exposure to develop, fund, and manage initiatives that can truly transform the MBA programme, and their professional lives.

MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya