A Diverse Class

At Peradeniya, the MBA class is a perfect mixture of talents, skills and values.

W e welcome people of various backgrounds to create a truly diverse class from which every student could benefit. A class which reflects a variety of backgrounds, cultures and interests and expectations is the perfect environment for stimulating discussions, critical thinking, and innovation.

Discussions and Debates

Team-based learning in a class consisting of an assortment of skills and experiences can be challenging to students. Discussions and debates can be exhaustive and inspiring. Students are exposed to a multitude of disciplines as a result of it. Diversity fuels the generation of new ideas and helps broaden MBA students' knowledge; a unique opportunity to refine and expand their knowledge.

A smaller class

To further enhance the effect of interaction, we make it a point to have only around 75 students per batch, which is much lower than what is found in other Universities. This way, students will have the ability to network with the whole class and engage in learning more effectively.

MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya