Events Organisation

We have created an engaging learning environment where active student involvement is the prime factor.

Our next approach is to allow students organise and run events. With the help of the MBA Association, the student body of the Peradeniya MBA, events of various calibre can be organised; some being MBA specific and others involving external stakeholders.


In the process of organising events, students may come across various difficulties as a result of working in a complex setting. These activities will prove to be difficult challenge that would take students’ ego, patience, and flexibility to the limit. Such a practice will allow students to be better managers in the real life. In order to make events come to fruition in an engaging learning environment, students will require to show good leadership and management skills.


In addition to organising events, you also get the opportunity to take part in them. The OBT (outward bound training) for instance, (which is one of many events organised by the MBAA) is an out-door event aimed at improving students' leadership, problem solving and a multitude of other skills.

MBA Association

The MBA association is run by MBA students and is passed down to the new batch in the second semester. Office bears are selected and duties are assumed. This introduces many challenges that involve legal, audit and financial considerations which students, as a batch, will have to handle.

MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya