Q: Is the MBA an internal degree offered by the University or an External degree?

A: This is an internal degree offered by the Univesity of Peradeniya.

Q: Is this an MBA in Agricultural Economics?

A: No, this MBA is a general MBA, and administered by the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA); not offered. The degree is offered by the University of Peradeniya. Therefore, the fact that this is administered by the PGIA has no bearing upon its area of specialisation

Q: What is the minimum time in which a student can finish the MBA?

A: 2 1/2 years (or five semesters). However, a student may take upto 7 years to complete the degree.

Q: Why do students have to purchase the latest versions of recommended texts?

A: Today's world is a fast-moving place. In order to keep up with the pace, business students need to avail themselves with the latest knowledge. That's why we insist students purchase the latest versions of the textbooks.

Q: What is the role of the MBA Association?

A: The MBA Association is a resistered student body formed as a supportive entity. The MBAA is responsidlbe for adding value to the MBA by organising various activities and events and smoothening the operations of the MBA programme. Read more about the MBAA

Q: Can we apply on-line?

A: No, at the moment we haven't made allowances for such procedure. Students have to pay by cash or by a money order.

MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya