Experience the difference @ Peradeniya

We do not churn out MBAs.

We rather create an environment in which future business leaders are born.

  • The MBA Philosophy at Peradeniya

    At Peradeniya, we create the most suitable environment in which students can identify and strengthen their true potential...

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  • Our Recognition

    Peradeniya MBA is renowned for its superior teaching methodology, the high-quality curriculum, and an exceptional academic panel...

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At Peradeniya, we take the MBA experience to a whole new level

Our teaching Methodology

  • Diversity

    We deliberately select candidates of diverse nature in order to make a class an enthralling place to learn.

  • Team-based Learning

    We have created an environment for interactive and immersive learning. Team based activities allow students to improve their communication skills and handle conflicts.

  • Student-organised Events

    At Peradeniya, students are required to organise various events which test their planning and organisation, and controlling skills.

  • Research

    Peradeniya MBA places a lot of emphasis on research. This gives students the ability to think critically and delve deep into subject matters

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