Experiential Learning in a Diverse environment

The difference at the Peradeniya MBA is the systematic approach we take to achieve students' ambitions and goals of becoming business leaders.

We employ the following methodology to create the ultimate environment that transforms students into business leaders. The four pronged strategy works by achieving total student involvement and high-level of interaction between peers. Click the links to read more on each topic.

We try to infuse in students a sense of collaboration. The team-based approach requires students to work in pre-defined teams in almost every aspect of their studies. In order to enhance the effect of team-based learning, we consciously select a diverse class and limit its size so as to maintain high-level of student interaction.

Additionally, we give students the opportunity to organise various events and experience the dynamism involved in planning, organising and running events. Finally, the compulsory research component allows students to use in real world the theories which they learnt.

We also intend to ground students and give them an opportunity to integrate their learning in a specific real world application, or to pursue in-depth research in a subject area of interest. A student thus becomes flexible enough to work as a team, while being strong enough to stand alone when the situation calls for it.

MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya