Our Recognition

Peradeniya MBA is considered as one of the most prestigious MBAs in Sri Lanka.

Peradeniya MBA was founded in 1998 to bridge the gap between market needs and the available avenues in Sri Lanka for business studies. The programme has since proven its calibre throughout the corporate sphere.

The MBA was, at its inception, supported by the School of Management of the University of Stirling (UK), with significant input in designing the curriculum. It was also supported by the Higher Education Link programme of the British Council, UK.

Peradeniya MBA is a totally immersive learning experience to students. The salubrious atmosphere in Peradeniya lends itself to a relaxing studying environment.

The one-year compulsory research component found in our programme adds further value to Peradeniya MBA. This MBA has been recognised as equivalent to that of Western MBAs for migration and employment purposes. It is noteworthy that this status is not enjoyed by many other Master's programmes offered by leading universities in Sri Lanka.

Peradeniya MBA programme is constantly updated, and is highly relevant and current. The quality of the MBA curriculum is maintained at a very high level with the help of an academic staff that is unmatched in the country. Being an MBA with a demanding research backing, using superior teaching methodology with the aid of a high-quality teaching panel, the qualification is recognised around the world.

MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya