The research component of Peradeniya MBA compliments students' knowledge by cultivating an appreciation for deep reflection.

We place great importance on research. Being one of the very few research MBAs offered in Sri Lanka, the compulsory one-year research component is the ultimate hurdle a student has to negotiate before he/she is awarded the prestigious Peradeniya MBA.

The Emphasis

Critical thinking and analytical skills are assets managers possess which help them make prompt yet right decisions in uncertain situations. On account of the current fast-paced world, the need is rising for business leaders who are capable of understanding problems and reacting to them in the most suitable manner.

The research provides Peradeniya MBA students the perfect opportunity to acquire deep insight into theories and practices. For the successful completion of the research, MBA students should develop appropriate analytical, methodological and communication skills to enable them to effectively analyse business and management related problems and communicate the findings.

An Applied Research

The research necessitates the finding of a problem in the realm of management sciences for the purpose of investigation. The problem needs to be critically analysed and evaluated using management theories. All what students learned for four semesters will stand in good stead at this stage.

Another objective of the research is to allow students to contribute knowledge to the field management science. Business students at Peradeniya thus go beyond studying subject modules.

When to do the Research?

Research work can be commenced in the 4th semester and students are usually expected to submit their final dissertation by the end of the 5th semester. However, according to PGIA regulations, a student may take up to 7 years to complete his or her degree.

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