Team-based Learning

We employ a team-based approach to infuse dynamism into your MBA class.

We hold in importance the concept of team working. Each batch is divided into roughly 8 teams at the inception of the Peradeniya MBA programme. Assignments and other activities are given as group work. By working as a team on almost every assignment and activity, a sense of collaboration comes to existence in students.

The team-based experience also allows students to forge invaluable friendships with their colleagues. Past students have immensely benefited from their MBA informal network. Therefore, even after you complete the MBA and leave University, students will find their class contacts very helpful and lasting.

A controlled Environment

We create an environment in which students have no discretion over the team nor the members of the team to which they belong. They are required to overcome undesirable circumstances and achieve their goals. This will have a profound effect on a student's future life, be it work or family.

Communication and Conflicts

High level of communication between team members is required when working on assignments. Conflicts will arise as a result of miscommunication, different value systems of individuals, and conflicting goals between team members. Students will also learn how to use the diversity of their team to compensate for their weaknesses.


In some instances, teams may be re-formed by shuffling members. This is done to avoid familiarity coming in the way of learning. This encourages students to progressively hone their essential skills required to maintain team spirit.

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