A student is evaluated on basis of continuous assessment to guarantee he/she has a comprehensive understanding of the concepts.


A course evaluation is made on the basis of a continuous assessment of a student’s performance during an academic semester based on

  • tutorials
  • practical
  • term papers
  • quizzes
  • oral presentations
  • within semester examination, and
  • an end-semester examination.

Directed studies, practicum reports, and seminars will be evaluated only at the end of the activity. Wieghtages for different assessments in a course will be determined by the teachers and will be announce at the beginning of the course


Research work of a student is evaluated as satisfactory “S” or unsatisfactory “U” by the senior supervisor at the end of a thesis defence.

Once the student's supervisor is satisfied by the status of the research, a mock presentation is held in front of a limited number of lecturers and other students. Finally, the thesis defence is held in the presence of both internal and external lecturers as well as students from other boards of studies.

Thesis defence examination

The examination committee shall award a Satisfactory “S” or unsatisfactory “U” for a thesis at the thesis defence examination.

A thesis defence examination shall be held after successful completion of the research component approved for the Peradeniya MBA, and within three months from the date of the submission of an unbound thesis, submitted according to the format approved by the PGIA

Request for Transcript

Students may request for a transcript by producing to the registrar's office a completed transcript request form (PDF, DOC).

MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya