Eligibility for examinations

A student has to enroll on a course or the research to be eligible for course examinations or the thesis defence. Enrollment for course/research should be done before the specified deadline. The registration card or the identity card will be valid only after the endorsement by the director, deputy registrar or the assistant registrar of the PGIA.

Thesis defence examination

For a student to be eligible to sit a thesis defence examination he/she shall be required to:

  1. Keep the registration in force during the semester in which the thesis defence is held, and
  2. Submit a thesis prepared in accordance with the guidelines approved by the PGIA together with a certificate by the candidate to the effect that the thesis represents the original research of the author except where otherwise acknowledged in the text, and
  3. Submit the thesis along with the senior supervisor’s certification that the research programme has been completed and that the thesis is suitable for submission to the examination committee


MBA Programme, University of Peradeniya