What do Peradeniya MBA students think?

Maheen Senanayake (2008/2009)


Maheen Senanayake

The Peradeniya MBA programme is infused with both academic and research experience.

Its curriculum is rich in theory and application making the programme one of the best in the world. It invokes the necessary elements to ensure a discipline of continuous learning and provides the fundamentals necessary to stay abreast years from the completion of the programme.

It invokes the necessary elements to ensure a discipline of continuous learning

Supported by keen and specialist researchers, the programme provides the student the capacity to be an independent thinker.

It thus encourages free thinking which re-enforces MBA students, and is in line with the School’s pursuit of research excellence.

Chamindika Weerakoon (2008/2009)


Chamindika Weerakoon

Just after the successful completion of reading my first degree (B.Com – Peradeniya), I applied for Peradeniya MBA. This is because I wanted to continue my higher studies in the discipline of Management so as to shape my career as a Lecturer.  

First I would like to introduce this MBA programme as an entrepreneurial MBA which adds value to knowledge and competencies of the students through the offering of diverse managerial knowledge and experience.

The most propelling motives behind applying for the MBA Programme of the University of Peradeniya were the splendid fit between my career objectives and the content of this MBA programme and the reputation of this MBA programme as a leading MBA programme in Sri Lanka.

Team work allowed me to identify how different careers look at various business matters

What I found particularly interesting about this MBA programme is the great environment where teamwork is put into practice, the challenging exposure provided by the programme and the masterminded and very supportive lecturing panel.

As the MBA class is comprised with heterogeneous professional careers, extensive team work exercises allow me to learn to listen and exchange ideas in different fields and to identify how different careers look at various business matters. In addition, the education and extracurricular activities are really relevant and challenging and equipped me with a strong knowledge and experience in Management so as to be successful throughout in my career and lead me in a very interesting experience.

Finally, this MBA programme has trained me as a person who can achieve both career objectives and organisational objectives successfully in a highly complex environment.

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